by Olympians

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released April 29, 2013

Recorded by Olympians
Mixed by David Pye
Mastered by Eric James



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Olympians London, UK

Hi. We're a band that lives half in Norwich and half in London. We have two guitars, a bass, some drums, a glockenspiel, two keyboards and a trumpet. The next instrument we plan to buy is a vibraphone.
We hope you like our songs.

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Track Name: Mountains
You spent your whole life inside watching shit documentaries on TV
So why do you look so upset when they knock your house down
To build you a road that could set you free

Don't let tired eyes deceive what you see
And don't look so surprised
When we take whole mountains
And toss them aside
Track Name: From Your Head
Wake up muddily stoned
I'll sit on my bed and wait for the fear to go
And a watery grave
I'll sit on my bed and wait for the fear to go

From your head, down to your knees
I'll sit on my bed and wait for the fear to go

Sick note signed and return
A whole world outside but I'd rather sit and rot at home
I've magic coins to save
Charge the battery pack, I'll be coming back to save you, Toad.

Vomiting over my hair

From your head, down to your knees
I'll sit on my bed and wait for the fear to go
Track Name: Filling My Heart With Weird Dreams
If you can learn to feign a laugh, the world is yours to keep
But I can barely hide my anger when you open up your mouth to speak
Because I know full well when you start your sentences they continue endlessly without point or punctuation reason resolve or even a point or awareness that you may be boring everyone to sleep

I work a horrible job
Every day
And I believe
In music as truth and things like that
What a stupid arsehole

How are you going to keep her from the doorway?
Knowing that one day she's going to go outside
And discover that the world is not always the evil brutal mess that you describe
So stay safe behind your door
Because they'll follow you wherever you may hide
Because you take them with you
Wherever you reside

I'll take a walk round the river and clear my thoughts
Cos there's these screens in my house, messing them all up
Filling my heart with weird dreams that I'm pretty sure are impossible
Track Name: We Lost Our Hair And In A Way, Our Minds
Tried so hard to please you
Learned whole new languages
So I could better make you understand

Then one day, unannounced
You call for us to speak
And fluently describe how you learned to understand me

We lost our hair
And in a way, our minds
Fade like old photographs
Track Name: Tidy House, Tiny Mind
If there may be a penny left that I could borrow
A lender and a borrower I may be
The engine never stops, it never breaks down
Hope the same applies to me
Track Name: Home Is Where Your Heart Breaks
We survived these long weeks on the edge
But home is where your heart breaks
No purpose, no real direction
Stranded in your own bed
Six hundred thousand miles
Is this all that we get?
Six hundred misshapen songs
Not even a rosette?

We sure did make a fucking mess
I stand proud of each carpet wrecked
Sing songs of rest, you'll find me miming them

The freezing concrete
The long walk home
These are the things you gave us that we'll never let go