Complimentary Mints

by Olympians



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released December 1, 2016



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Olympians London, UK

Hi. We're a band that lives half in Norwich and half in London. We have two guitars, a bass, some drums, a glockenspiel, two keyboards and a trumpet. The next instrument we plan to buy is a vibraphone.
We hope you like our songs.

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Track Name: Rosa Lee
Rosa Lee
Tell me, have you changed your mind?
Cos I could stand and wait all night.
Cos even when you're cosied up with him I'll be waiting patiently blanket tucked in
For just a slither of your time

You left me pens and sweets
You tidied up my doorway every night
You clean my filthy sheets
And put up with my lies

Tell me have you changed your mind?
Cos I've been hoping
You'd hold me close and take me back inside
Your boyfriend came on down
He said “staring through the cafe window's really freaking everybody out”

But he's a fucking dick.
Because the girl I dream of's not afraid to tell me what she thinks
Don't need a mealy muscle man to tell what is right

We'll meet by the service station bins
And party every night
Track Name: Duvet Days
Duvet days, the best around
Tired of endless Cheers repeats, and nightly marathons of Grand Designs
On week 16, we built a town
And I'm it's mayor and I'm working tirelessly to make you all so proud

Rifles, swords and bayonets
To keep my people safe and sound
I filled a whisky cabinet
To keep my meetings sweet and on time

Don't know where it may take me
And if you lead, will I go?

Before you leap, take a breath
Hold enough in your mouth in case we need enough to share
Swing back your neck
I need something I can lean on, can you give me that?
Track Name: Sea Palling
Hayley, you can be kind without being in love,
So let's all go to the North Norfolk coast
Oh, that's where they took the land back from the sea,
So we could walk upon these shrinking cliffs.

Oh, though the winds will blow,
And tides will rage
And winds will blow
And tides will rage
And so the times keep changing
Will we still be there?
Walking on, these ever decreasing sand where the wind ruffles
Your short perfect hair
Hayley, I'll tell you this without being in love,
The wind makes your hair,
Billow and shimmer like ghosts,

Maybe, one day, we'll reclaim these beaches too,
But for now, I'll give you this flower as a sign that we're friends
And hope it lasts forever and ever through winds
That blow and tides
That rage and winds will blow and tides will rage.
And so the times keep changing
Will we still be there like ghosts?