by Olympians



released February 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Olympians London, UK

Hi. We're a band that lives half in Norwich and half in London. We have two guitars, a bass, some drums, a glockenspiel, two keyboards and a trumpet. The next instrument we plan to buy is a vibraphone.
We hope you like our songs.

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Track Name: The Great Gatsby
A home stop for the travellers
Who need a little bit of home on tap
You'll keep safe and sound here, safe and standard
Running out of beds so quick
Struggling to get to work on time
Seems the world is your greatest friend
While it's drinking your wine

Talking about their lives, like it's a novel that they passionately wrote
Novel that we accidentally...

Stumbling from one face to the next
A mirror to the world
You offer me nothing but my reflection
What's horrible - it works
And if my hands could mould the shape of my face
And re-fire in the kiln
I'll turn each contour to your specification and wait on you

Talking about their lives...
Track Name: Tidy House, Tiny Mind
If there be a penny left that I could borrow
A lender and a borrower I may be
The engine never stops, it never breaks down
Hope the same applies to me
Track Name: The Dictionary
I read the Dictionary and mistook
It for a poem about everything I ever knew
With careful training your eyes can perceive anything

I saw three ships sail in on New Year's Day
and tried my best to turn and look the other way
We all were born young hungry mouths to feed,
no end of gruesomeness withholding

Holding and waiting out...

Should we pass each in the street
I had a violence that I saved up just for this
Track Name: Shell
She said boy, are you alright?
And I said put your hand down onto my chest
And hear me tick
Even when I'm not around
You know where I am if you put your hand
To your ear
And hear the sea

You can take it with you when you go
Track Name: It Was Words That Sunk Our Ship
After we fixed them up
the words came down and we welcomed them on like rain
till the lightning struck and crushed the bow
and broke us apart in two

It was words that sunk our ship
Track Name: I Hate Everybody's Guts And They Hate Mine
New year's eve won't be hard to remember
You may not see the point but I belonged there
Where the well-wishers disperse it's kind of heartbreaking
Tired of making sails bellow with one man's breath

One's company and two's a crowd
When your heart's a vessel under permanent attack
Disgusted by your very touch
Each smile I contract I dare not discuss

Terrified I left the kitchen light on
And burned the house entirely to the ground
Drunk on cheap bourbon cheap gin or something
And the worst of it, I'd do it all again
Track Name: Everything's Amazing! (Nobody's Happy)
What you call her that name?
Manners are so easily learned
But you're always on her wrong side, yet
She's hanging round at your front door
What's a boy like me to do?
When I speak in half-truths?
It's different that way,
It's easier for me now
When I speak in half-truths and alone

You look uncomfortable just asking
It's fair enough that you'd want to know
if everything's amazing, why's everyone miserable?
Why do all my friends seem crushed by the embarrassingly boring lives they lead?
Bedazzled by the show
A life undocumented is the greatest one I know

Salty cheeks
Half-empty words
Won't endear your heart to me
You stay inside where nothing can hurt
But it's more than a game to me
Track Name: Nova Scotia
Let's all go to Nova Scotia
I don't mind if it's cold
I just want to visit my mother
Even though she's getting old

We'll sit around and eat salmon with ice wine
Even though they don't go
We'll sit in our hut on sticks
Surrounded by immutable snow

Pack up let's go
Where the air is clear
And the water is milk
And there are always cakes on the table

You can wear your new pinstripe suit if you want to
I don't think that's the kind of thing they wear out there
You'd be much better suited to something that could withstand attack by bears

Pack up let's go
Where the air is clear
And the water is milk
And there are maps and maps and maps
Of all the lakes and pine forests
And there is always snow
So we can fight if we want to
And there are always cakes
And there are always cakes
And there are always cakes
On the table.....

I know where it is...
By the waters edge...