Reasons to be Tearful

by Olympians

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    Cover artwork and photo booklet by the invincible David Drake. Music by the unstoppable Olympians. Release by the incomparable Barely Regal and Neat is Murder. Tears by the bucketload.

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released June 24, 2016

Produced by Thomas Le Beau Morley
Mastered by Eric James at Philosophers' Barn

Artwork by David Drake


all rights reserved



Olympians London, UK

Hi. We're a band that lives in the South East of London. These are the songs that we have made.

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Track Name: Renè Magritte
Holed up in a padlocked spare bedroom
Holed up but your eyes are firmly set on something else
You're something else
If you'd hold up, so much I need explaining
Did we do wrong?
Can we start over?
There must be something we missed something unpleasant that was said Now you've a diary date set, with a river bed

So you're holed up, for the time, in a locked spare bedroom
But the door may as well not really lead to anywhere at all

Rene Magritte painted foliage black and the sky blue
Now he's spray painting hideous cocks on my house

I plied a honest trade, safe from a cruel life
Earning just enough to keep the bailiffs from my door
I felt like the tourist here, washed up on the shore one night
Too old for staying drunk but too young to call the shots and fight

Oh, life, I'll paint myself free till I'm old, sick, drunk and blind

A year of a life unkind to me reads like a selfish meter-free infinite poem Months bleeding from weeks fingernails near bitten off
Wincing through each dumb meaningless word
And here is the part where hourly the poem recedes
You repeat your sad case through the door
You're making doomed pleas to an old dry feelingless dead hollowed out cold bundle of bones
Track Name: Cinema Hotdog
Here in the kitchen with a notepad and a sigh, narrating my gin-soaked strife
Caught in a trap inventing relevance and meaning
Like your tired dismissive sighs were some obnoxious neon sign
That you were there screaming out for room to breathe
I smothered you, I get that way sometimes.
Cos underneath my ribs my heart starts child-sized
And as it grows it gets harder to fill so I feel like it's draining completely sometimes

I guess I'm hoping for my life image to match bright sitcom scenes, so subtext-less
Am I too blind here to receive messages loud, clear and completely obvious

The cinema was the only place she didn't need to fight for air
She could lose herself entirely there
The cinema was the only place she could escape unseen at night
And return to sleep without a single word said back,

Slip under sheets, silent, unchecked
But I am frozen under here hoping for a word or the breeze on my cold out-turned hand

Something real, and fine, and broken, and rotten

I cried over the sofa, stained the settee, wrecked my loafers
I tried calling you over, but your battery's dead, and I'm so hopeless.
Track Name: Rosa Lee
Rosa Lee
Tell me, have you changed your mind?
Cos I could stand and wait all night.
Cos even when you're cosied up with him I'll be waiting patiently blanket tucked in
For just a slither of your time

You left me pens and sweets
You tidied up my doorway every night
You clean my filthy sheets
And put up with my lies

Tell me have you changed your mind?
Cos I've been hoping
You'd hold me close and take me back inside
Your boyfriend came on down
He said “staring through the cafe window's really freaking everybody out”

But he's a fucking dick.
Because the girl I dream of's not afraid to tell me what she thinks
Don't need a mealy muscle man to tell what is right

We'll meet by the service station bins
And party every night
Track Name: Battery Neck
Do you take the batteries out of your neck to reset your memory each morning?
Do you take the batteries out of your neck?
Cos I've seen this things and can't endure them

Moments in life, that should be sliding away
Are coming back round to haunt me like season repeats for the 40th time And I know it's not right, to be sad that they stayed
But nostalgia's a killer, leave only your turds and your teeth behind

Hey old man...

If you could unsee, what you've seen, start again, open up, to these "brand new" things
Would you take your own batteries out?
If you could unfeel, what you feel, start again, open heart, naive honesty, yeah I would take my own batteries out

Hey old man
You look like you tired of this all first hand
Track Name: Shuffle Pops
Nestling, deep in 3-year financed furniture, hoping Men and Motors preview hour is still on

Real life is long and unkind so learn nothing watch DVDs stay quiet
Friday night with the lads sometimes, at the emotional 8th ill-advised pint
When all the beers and bad feelings catalyse, fake vomiting, run out

Keep your eyes on a safe prize, burn no bridges, wait for the green man If we cry at the same time and our angles and positions stay right
Will all our tears and bad feelings cancel one another's meanings out?
Track Name: Smaller Shards
Hey, put the guitar down
I'll take you to a party on the other side of town
They've seen worst states, they'll pick you up
They'll teach you how to think, and how to look
What's going on? What's made you feel so horrible?
You're shitfaced and won't leave the flat

Hey, I promise it's not all bad
They're not all out to get you, although it can feel a bit like that
And yes, you may have made a mess last time you went around
But it's in the past
Carpets were cleaned, and we vacuumed up the smaller shards
So take this one last chance
I called to give you one last chance at happiness.
Track Name: Fights, Fights
Stumbling in and out of fights
Is this the best you say you can provide?
A mouth spewing endless bile and shit
A face drawn like a bus drove into it

You're all "Son, don't take their bullshit
But can't you see how that turned out?
There's no prizes for winning
But you're competing for a gold
Track Name: Power Plugs
Stop hovering
The news is set, and remains unchanged, we've all no more to say
The thing with real people thrown in soap opera plots
Is that they get stuck in their roles and they can't get out again
How are we supposed to act?
When the weather outside is so sunny and bright but the script calls out for rain
Put out a roll call to casting agents far and wide
We require a player to melt the cold hearts of the opening night

And you shine in the role the most bitter of critics stand up to applaud We're beside you to say that you've made your point perfectly well
As you holler and yell out the awkward half rhymes of the amateur's verse We're beside you to make this a home

Hold me closer to your power source I'll drain your charge
Pull out each and every power plug charging your heart

Still the star of the show in a hospital bed with your jewellery on
And inside on that stage, I hope you're not pirouetting alone
But the curtains on even the greatest of plays must eventually close
We're beside you to make this a home
Track Name: Secret Snares
I can safely say, I've never truly interfaced honestly with a single soul
But give me a crowd of bored faces with a long list of places they'd rather be
And I'll spill it all

Sing to keep ourselves from sleep, but we're tired by the resolving line

Look outside! Can you see?
The choice of the best of a bad bunch in front of me
And I feel my dreams of owning a boat are just that
And it scares me to think
That being the lead character of a story doesn't mean you're the hero
You still end up old, flaccid and sad.

Happiness that's more than momentary's impossible
When the reasons to be tearful stack up every day.
Track Name: Presammàle
So? What do they know?
When they say you are fine
They've not had a singular feeling, trouble or emotion that didn't come bleeding straight out of their mouth
Why say a word when it's so teenage and naive to think you'd change if you tried
Like the dark is some mere sporting injury conspiring to spite you when you feel tired

I'd say anything to sell you that tired tortured poet crap
But when I took off my clothes you laughed and I guess I needed that.

I woke up sweating from a dream, I'd refereed a fight
Between tattered lungs, and a small dignity in quiet

Darkness, I look back fondly on our time
Things were much easier, when it was only you and I
Then happiness arrives and says "I've been out there, it's fine, just peel your eyes up from your navel for a while"

History threatened, to forget us
But I laughed at the thought it had ever remembered

Your mind is clear
Your eyes are shut
Your fingernails are bitten to the quick
What do you know?

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