Duvet days, the best around
Tired of endless Cheers repeats, and nightly marathons of Grand Designs
On week 16, we built a town
And I'm it's mayor and I'm working tirelessly to make you all so proud

Rifles, swords and bayonets
To keep my people safe and sound
I filled a whisky cabinet
To keep my meetings sweet and on time

Don't know where it may take me
And if you lead, will I go?

Before you leap, take a breath
Hold enough in your mouth in case we need enough to share
Swing back your neck
I need something I can lean on, can you give me that?




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Olympians London, UK

Hi. We're a band that lives half in Norwich and half in London. We have two guitars, a bass, some drums, a glockenspiel, two keyboards and a trumpet. The next instrument we plan to buy is a vibraphone.
We hope you like our songs.


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