Party Boys

by Olympians



Recorded by Thomas Morley
Mastered by Dan Coutant @ Sun Room Audio


You're hiding in the toilet scrolling through your phone for days.
You promised you'd show up but you're not really brought too much to say.
The more you pull away the harder they tug on your sleeve so putting in the hours now buys you a quiet month at least

Shaking at the thought of everything that came before
You've got to show you were there, you were there, you were there.

You hate being a disappointment so it's been pints the last 10 nights
And their faces when you go to leave kill you, so it's like "fine, fine, fine..."
So pleased with yourself when you get home - "I Saved Lives With Those Pints"
No wheel ungreased no silence unbroken, but now it's bye bye week bye bye.

How does it feel now that are you inside all curled up safe from the cold and all those selfish vampires
They've been draining and depleting your little stockpile you've built to shield you when the cold and winter run you low
How does it feel now that you are inside all curled up safe from their loud and often idiot ideas
Is your trail of thought deep, fulfilling and wide or just more of the same dumb garbage it was before?

The pitcher! The lager!


released July 5, 2019
Additional vocals by the good boy Thomas Cassidy


all rights reserved



Olympians London, UK

Hi. We're a band that lives in the South East of London. These are the songs that we have made.

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