Saturday smashed up in lagertown
I remember wiping vomit with my handkerchief
And Sunday morning as I leave the house
The full force of it drowns me I'm shame spiralling

Sad to say you've somewhat missed the point
No amount of Billy Bragg can write a masterpiece
And Monday morning as I leave for work
The full force of it hits like a ton of shit

Saturday wake up pick up the kids
I'm defending Peter Parker's right to privacy
And arguing when Frasier jumped the shark
When the force of it drowns me I'm shame spiralling




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Olympians London, UK

Hi. We're a band that lives half in Norwich and half in London. We have two guitars, a bass, some drums, a glockenspiel, two keyboards and a trumpet. The next instrument we plan to buy is a vibraphone.
We hope you like our songs.


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