So we drink weak piss with a tiny umbrella wedged in it
And we bury our things with the landmines in the old sandpit
Waiter fill my cup, cos one of whatever's not enough
Should we dig up our things we would soon lose an arm or a leg

So I drink mostly alone
Finally found a place no-one is prepared to go
I only hold onto these friends
Because I can't face going out to make new ones again
Waiter fill my cup, these long hours alone are no longer enough
Should I drink to the sea, in the hope it will swallow me up?

It's all or nothing
Run away while you still can
It's all or nothing
Whole years buried in the sand




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Olympians London, UK

Hi. We're a band that lives half in Norwich and half in London. We have two guitars, a bass, some drums, a glockenspiel, two keyboards and a trumpet. The next instrument we plan to buy is a vibraphone.
We hope you like our songs.


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