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by Olympians

The clumsy poem you wrote about something you love The list you made to better organise the things you left undone Directions to a Soho eatery where you got too fucking drunk The list of heartfelt gifts compiled on Christmas Eve The ghost of lines through items visible five pages underneath Dissecting and later confusing orders for a Chinese Meal Four chicken halls might be the start of a new masterpiece Find a melody and keep it in your head Buy a glockenspiel make music from your bed Scream your lungs to shards singing words you'd hard admit Are futile and will fail but we'll make the worst of it It's cold outside, it's raining there Stay inside, there's nothing for you here.
Writing reams of nothingness down to remind me I'm not above it Reading back I saw a child sadness I'd kind of renounced Fear not rivers of blood nor tears but more like the smooth tiny pebble you follow downstream washed by the river now flooding your family house A healthy cynicism's fine protection because if you never mean anything you're never wrong Basking sharks may fall in my path but only one thing will stand in my way When you find that truce what if they don't like what it has to say? Will the walls come crashing down in your heart Will you retreat in that familiar place and stay and wait in relieved silence? When tired of life and all conceit Re-aim your craft for quieter waters Hide out till the scene dies down Cos growing weary and callous is not what bravery is
Saturday smashed up in lagertown I remember wiping vomit with my handkerchief And Sunday morning as I leave the house The full force of it drowns me I'm shame spiralling Sad to say you've somewhat missed the point No amount of Billy Bragg can write a masterpiece And Monday morning as I leave for work The full force of it hits like a ton of shit Saturday wake up pick up the kids I'm defending Peter Parker's right to privacy And arguing when Frasier jumped the shark When the force of it drowns me I'm shame spiralling
So we drink weak piss with a tiny umbrella wedged in it And we bury our things with the landmines in the old sandpit Waiter fill my cup, cos one of whatever's not enough Should we dig up our things we would soon lose an arm or a leg So I drink mostly alone Finally found a place no-one is prepared to go I only hold onto these friends Because I can't face going out to make new ones again Waiter fill my cup, these long hours alone are no longer enough Should I drink to the sea, in the hope it will swallow me up? It's all or nothing Run away while you still can It's all or nothing Whole years buried in the sand
Duvet Days 03:36
Duvet days, the best around Tired of endless Cheers repeats, and nightly marathons of Grand Designs On week 16, we built a town And I'm it's mayor and I'm working tirelessly to make you all so proud Rifles, swords and bayonets To keep my people safe and sound I filled a whisky cabinet To keep my meetings sweet and on time Don't know where it may take me And if you lead, will I go? Before you leap, take a breath Hold enough in your mouth in case we need enough to share Swing back your neck I need something I can lean on, can you give me that?
Heart. Is that what it's about? Drunkenly following your dick into a strangers' mouth And that heart, he's an idiot at best, but you're the fucking idiot that's following it Sometimes I want to disappear completely But I'm afraid that I would find my own way back When you hear that rescue call know they only want you for themselves.


released March 23, 2015

Recorded by Thomas Le Beau Morley and Olympians
Mixed by David Pye
Mastered by Eric James

Cover artwork by David Drake
Poster art by Michael Parkin
Released by Barely Regal Records


all rights reserved



Olympians London, UK

Hi. We're a band that lives in the South East of London. These are the songs that we have made.

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